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Breakthrough Cases

Breakthrough Cases

Complex Fracture Fixation with Large Bone Defect

Pic 1. 20 years old female suffered pathological right femur fracture with biopsy was suggestive of fibrous dysplasia. Pic 2. Patient underwent wide local excision and fixation with PFN & reverse DFLP & cement spacer insertion to fill the defect Pic 3.Patient s... Read More

Revision Total Knee Replacement

67 years old female with a previously done TKR presented with a complex injury to the

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Primary complex Total Knee Replacement

62 yr old lady with stage 4 Osteoarthritis with gross deformity of her knee joint Managed with deformity

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Primary Complex Total Hip Replacement

26 years old young gentleman with known disease of anklosying spondylitis involving spine and hip joint. On xray evaluation hip joint was in end stage arthritis and patient was not able to sit and walk. Thus planned for hip replacement surgery. These complex cases require... Read More

Fracture Shaft of Humerus

A young gentleman came with fractured arm following an injury in the emergency. He was given temporary splintage and..

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