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Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement

What is Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip joint is one of the largest weight – bearing joints of the body. In routine life our hip moves millions of times without even knowing, but once it gets damaged not only does the hip become stiff, but it also becomes painful and leads to difficulty in walking.


Hip replacement surgery is a well-established and successful operation in which the damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial hip joint. It not only provides you freedom from pain, and stiffness, but also improves quality of life. This specialized operation is now very successful and has been accepted very well both by the medical fraternity and the society.

1. Primary Hip Replacement:

A. Fixation options

  • Cemented
  • Uncemented
  • Hybri

B. Bearing options

  • Metal on cross-linked poly
  • Metal-on-metal
  • Ceramic-on-cross-linked poly
  • Ceramic-on-ceramic
  • Ceramic-on-metal

C. Head size options

  • 22MM
  • 28MM
  • 32MM
  • 36MM
  • Anatomical

D. Options for bipolar, tripolar and constrained cup liners

2. Revision Total Hip Replacement

  • Management of acetabular and femoral bone loss using trabecular metal and fresh frozen allografts
  • Rings and cages for acetabulum
  • Proximally coated stems, fully porous coated, modular stems with interlocking option

Dr. Shekhar Srivastav is HOD and one of the pioneers in hip replacement surgery. At Delhi Institute of Trauma & Orthopaedics, at Sant Parmanand Hospital, patients come from all over the world as it is considered one of the best hospitals for orthopaedics and specifically complex revision and primary hip replacement surgery. Dr. Shekhar Srivastav also trains young surgeons at the center to perform hip replacement surgery in Delhi and in India.