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Other Joint Replacements

Other Joint Replacements

Other joints that are usually replaced include shoulder, elbow, wrist and ankle where these joints because of injury and arthritis with resulting pain and stiffness.


1. Shoulder replacement surgeries

With newer techniques and implants, shoulder replacement is now giving consistently good results in terms of pain relief and movement. Various options in shoulder replacement include

  • Partial Shoulder Replacement
  • Total Shoulder Replacement
  • Reverse Prosthesis
  • Resurfacing

Indications for shoulder replacement includes osteoarthritis of this joint and post traumatic arthritis. The decision for type of shoulder replacement will be based on the patients age, problem and his activity level; all of which will be explained by our shoulder replacement surgeon here at DITO.

2. Elbow replacement surgeries

3. Wrist replacement surgeries

4. Ankle replacement surgeries