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Primary Complex Total Hip Replacement

Primary Complex Total Hip Replacement

26 years old lady came with complaints of left hip pain, shortening of leg and limp. She had a history of infection in the left hip in childhood following which she developed deformity. She underwent surgery (Valgus Osteotomy) elsewhere (See pre-operative x-ray)

On Clinical examination she had fixed adduction and flexion deformities with minimal movements at the hip. X-rays revealed advanced arthritis of hip joint with implant in situ. All infection markers were negative. We planned for Total Hip Replacement. Doing total hip replacement in these patient is challenging as acetablular socket is deformed and shallow while femoral canal is narrow and not straight to pass the stem easily.

There are associated soft tissue contractures. We used uncemented dual mobility cup, uncemented wagner cone stem with ceramic head. (See post op x-ray)


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