Sports Medicine:

Arthroscopy comes from a Greek word "Arthro' & "Scopien" which literally means to look into the joint. It is an advanced and precise prosedure where an Orthopedic Surgeon can perform surgery inside the joint throught keyhole incision. This procedure is commonly performed for problems in knee and shoulders.

Arthroscopy is perfomed by making small incision in patient's skin and inserting pencil sized telescop into the joint with attached camera and lighting system. The surgeon can then watch everything inside the joint on a monitor and work inside the joint with special instruments inserted through another keyhol incision. The adventages of Arthroscopic Surgery include small incision, less pain, decreased period of hospitalization and early retun to work. Most of the arthroscopic procedure requires hospitalization for a period of 1-2 days only.

Arthrscopy is mainly performed for management of knee and shoulder problems. Common knee problems which require arthroscopy includes damage to ligaments, meniscus and cartilage leading to pain, locking on buckling of the knee. Arthroscopy can also be helpful in arthritic knee. Common shoulder problem which can be managed by arthroscopy include pain, shoulder dislocation, inability to raise arm, frozen shoulder and decreased strength to shoulder.

Arthroscopy of knee in progress

Problems that can be treated with arthroscopy

Inside view of the knee showing loose body

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